Portable + shoulder waterproof bucket bag

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Size: 670mm x 410mm x 140mm
Material: 600D cationic TPU composite fabric/nylon shoulder strap/KAM buckle
Process: high frequency welding + sewing
Weight: 0.8kg
Color: grey
Capacity: 20L
LOGO: can be customized


The materials are thick and wear-resistant, high-frequency seamless welding, excellent waterproof performance
-Light weight, easy to carry, suitable for storage bags or auxiliary floating life-saving supplies in outdoor sports such as swimming, rafting, and river tracing
-In summer, go to the beach, go to the beach, go camping, go swimming, which can solve the storage problem of waterproof items such as clothing, mobile phones, cameras, etc.
-Can be used as a bucket in outdoor camping and fishing activities

Features of waterproof fabric:
Waterproof fabric is made of isocyanate, polyether, etc. through addition polymerization reaction containing isocyanate group prepolymer, with catalyst, anhydrous additives, anhydrous fillers, solvents, etc., processed by mixing and other processes One-component polyurethane waterproof coating
It has the characteristics of high strength, large elongation, good water resistance, etc.
Lighter than other fabrics, more conducive to travel